Monday, September 27, 2010

Let's go fly a...plane?

Now I'm not afraid of flying on commercial airlines, but I'll admit that the smaller planes make me nervous. Especially considering some recent local fatalities from private plane crashes (including a family from Noah's school). So, let's just say that the night before Mark and Noah went up in a tiny 4 seater...I didn't sleep. I wouldn't have endorsed them going if I didn't trust the pilot, but since I felt good about that I decided that I better not let my fear get in the way of them having an awesome experience. So! On September 18th Mark's boss took them up flying in his little airplane. Here are Noah and Dr. B in front of the plane before take off...

Noah inside the plane getting his headphones situated.

How cute is he? Such a little dude.

Takeoff. Mark said that the entire flight (including takeoff and landing) were smooth as silk.

Noah taking a drink from his water-bottle (you can see the ground 5,000 feet below in the background). Here's a funny sidenote from during the flight...Dr. B called his home while getting close to flying over his house, and his daughter was able to run out into the backyard and watch him fly overhead while they were on the phone. Cool, right?

Checking out the view.

Noah next to the propellers after landing.
I was so relieved to get Mark's text that they'd landed and were done, and I was so pleased to hear what a great time Noah had on the flight. He said to Mark, "Now that was BIG fun!"


Anna and Stephen said...

What a cool thing! Noah looks super cute in those headphones!

Leslie said...

That sounds like an amazing adventure! Glad Noah had a great time.