Sunday, September 5, 2010

Name that body part

Noah has been into drawing lately. Particularly people or animals. Like many kids his age, his portraits consist of long legs extending directly out of the bottom of the persons head. Arms shoot directly off of those legs. And then various body parts are added.

Many of Noah's drawings are anatomically correct (we have encouraged Noah to be aware and comfortable with proper anatomy)...However, I have learned to not ask Noah about his drawings during church. First of all, he struggles with remembering to use his quiet "church voice". And secondly, it's a little uncomfortable to have your kid loudly say the word penis during church services (like he did when telling me about the different parts of this picture):
Mark and I got quite a chuckle over this picture. Hopefully it doesn't make you uncomfortable. Or maybe we hope it does, because sometimes that's entertaining for us too.