Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Finding new parks

Now that the September temperatures have been a little "cooler" some days (teetering around either side of the century mark) we've been venturing out some mornings and exploring the local parks! It's been a lot of fun and gets me excited for the 6 months of perfect park weather coming up soon! These first two pictures are of Lincoln and his friend Brody (Linc says "Bwowdee") on a dinosaur at the park. Brody is about 4 months younger than Linc and is a really sweet li'l guy. We also found out that he is attached to his sand toys, so we did recently go out and buy some so Linc could bring his own the next time we go to the park with Bwowdee. To be fair however, notice that Lincoln is holding Brody's bucket in this photo and they're both smiling. Two-year-olds can often be territorial, but they are also so dang cute!

Noah and Lincoln at the park early on a September Saturday morning. How adorable are they?!

Noah and Lincoln have been playing together a lot more lately, and I love it. Of course they argue and fight too, but it is so cute to see one of them immediately look to find their brother when they discover something fun or cool. Their brother is who they look to share their excitement with first, and I just love that.

Swinging. Noah is flying like Buzz Lightyear.

The boys watching a "big boys" football practice (they were like 10 or 12 year olds). Noah was enthralled. Lincoln watched because Noah was.

Another park morning. This time we went with my friend Dani and the triplet girls that she was babysitting for a few days. Here is Lincoln with the girls...

And to introduce the triplets, here is:


And Charity. They were named as such in their birth order. Sweet little gals, huh?

And here's my cute little Lincoln with his favorite new picture taking expression.


Jana said...

I'm so glad they're having fun together. I love the hugging picture! Looks like a lot of fun. And cute, cute triplets! Oh boy, good they're cute because I'm sure their parents have had a crazy couple of years!

Amber Ricks said...

Hello, Dani sent me this link. My name is Amber and I am the mother of the triplets. You took such great pics of my little angels that I had to say something! Thank you for helping Dani with the girls at the park. It is difficult to take them places when you are alone. It's nice to know she had a friend.