Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sneaking a shave.

Sometimes we forget how much our children watch us. One morning Mark was getting ready for the day and his razor was out on the counter (you can see where this is going). He walked out of the bathroom for just a second and while he did Lincoln hurried and snatched Mark's razor and began to "shave" his face. When Mark walked back in (luckily after only a couple of seconds) Lincoln was rushing to shave as much as possible...quickly because he knew that as soon as he was caught that his experiment would be put to an end. And of course it was. Linc only got as far as his "mustache" area before Mark snatched the razor away, but Lincoln was already bleeding above and on his lip. He didn't seem to mind too much though - he was quite pleased with himself for sneaking in a shave just like his daddy, even if it was short lived.

I, of course, was sad about the cuts (even though they were nothing serious). So, later I thought to take a few pictures - not so much to show the injury as to document the story. (If you wanna see a post from his first "real" injury last year click here) So, here are a couple shots of Lincoln and if you look closely you can see the little cuts on and above his little lips.

Yes, I am aware my son needed a haircut. He got one a couple days after these pictures were taken. I had to include this picture though because this is his "I'm sorry I did that" expression. We were talking about how we don't use daddy's razor...

Showing Mom his owies...

Cut lip above two chipped teeth. Yup. That's our Lincoln. All boy.

And a silly shot just for fun.
We love you, Lincoln. And while we do worry about you getting hurt from your often wreckless inhibitions...we also love the gusto with which you live life. We love the way you jump into things without holding back. And we love how quickly you are back up when you don't land on your feet the first time. You're a blessing in our family and we look forward to watching these aspects of your personality develop as you grow up too!


Jana said...

Oh, poor boy! He's pretty cute with those big blue eyes though. Just don't let him see you shave your legs or underarms. I miss him! And all of you.

David/Dad/Doc said...

I remember having a plastic razor with paper blades to be able to be like my Dad. I don't ever remember cutting myself though. Maybe my brothers did that before me and that is why I got the plastic/paper version.

Thanks for sharing with us. Even though I don't comment often, I do read and enjoy. Uncle Dave