Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Treehouse Museum

Once we found out that we would be moving out of state, I began writing up a "Utah bucket-list"! We ended up completing all but 3 of the things on the list before moving. One of the things on that list was to take the boys to the Treehouse Museum. So, on May 8th my mom came with us and we checked that off my list! I was really impressed with the place. The kids loved it, the staff were all very friendly, and it was clean and organized. We started things off with this firetruck, which Noah was particularly excited about!

Each interactive display at the museum had coordinating books and costumes. Lincoln happily donned a firefighter costume and then ran over to play with the nearby trains. He likes firefighter stuff a lot, but trains trump most everything else for him right now.

Noah and I read a firefighter book for a while before he delved back into what he loves best - role playing (in this case fighting fires and saving people).

Time to hang up the firefighter gear and move on...

Just a few more rounds with the train first though...

The Treehouse Museum puts on a play where the kids volunteer to play the roles. We didn't know about it, but were lucky enough to be there when they announced it overhead so we rushed over. Lincoln was too young to participate but was also too young to stay quietly in his seat, so my mom ended up taking him out. Noah was chosen to be the dragon-king of this cool Japanese fairy tale. While Noah did get a little shy after getting up there, and didn't completely understand the concept of repeating his lines...he seemed to really enjoy himself, and it was so fun to watch him. I was just proud of him for being brave enough to get his shy little 4-year-old self up on stage in front of an audience!

Another popular area for my boys was the musical area. While Linc ran from instrument to instrument, quickly trying each one with lots of liveliness...Noah was really focused and took things pretty seriously as you can see here.

The old fashioned school house was fun too. Noah will be starting preschool in August, so that's been a popular thing to talk about in our house. Noah was pretty excited to play teacher. He grabbed the chalk & eraser, told Lincoln to sit at a desk, and began "teaching" him. I wish that I could remember what exactly it was that he was teaching though, because I remember getting quite a chuckle out of it.

A picture of Noah's dutiful pupil.

Noah playing with some animals. As a side-note...Noah says his own prayers at bedtime, meals, etc. He has those regular things that he always remembers to include in his prayers and since he really loves animals, he rarely ends a prayer without asking a blessing over specific animals (that they will be safe). What I find pretty funny though, is that the animals which most often make it into these prayers are usually the predators.

Moving on to the farm area, the boys milked a cow (the udders actually spray water) - and here is Noah with a hen. Or is it a rooster?...How exactly do you decipher that when it's a stuffed animal anyway?

Noah and I having a cookout in the wild west. Yup. He's warming his tush by the fire. The kid cracks me up.

And what little boy doesn't enjoy pretending to be a cowboy? I know that mine do. Noah loved running around and rounding up a cowboy hat, a vest, and neckerchiefs to wear before taking a "ride" on his horse.

Lincoln didn't want to wear any cowboy gear except the hat, and he enjoyed riding the bull.
I must say...I think I may have the two cutest cowboys ever.
I'm glad that the Treehouse Museum made it onto our little bucket list. We had a great time! And I'm so glad that you came with us too, Mom. Not only was it fun, but it was definitely the type of place where we needed an adult for each kiddo with how they ran different directions the whole time. Thanks!

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Anna and Stephen said...

So fun! My favorite were the pictures in the school room. I loved Lincoln's face, and I can just picture Noah teaching a wonderful lesson.