Monday, July 19, 2010

April Wrap Up

Yes. I said April. I'm a quarter of a year behind on my blogging. I'm always behind anyway, and then things got crazy busy with our move. I've been here in Arizona 2 weeks now though, and I'll admit I've been a bit hesitant to do this for fear of getting homesick looking through all these pictures...Alas, back into blog-land I dive. Here's a picture of Noah giving Lincoln a big hug...or is it a headlock?

I love this tie of Lincoln's! He received it several months ago as a gift from Chris & Chelsey (who knew that we did a sock monkey themed b-day party for Linc). Oooh, how I love sock monkeys!
And oooh, I love this little monkey even more!

I love seeing what random things the boys come up with when left to themselves to play together. Here they are romping around our backyard. Funny guys.

Jenny came for a visit in April, so Allison and I brought our boys and we met at Jenny's parents to hang out and let the kids play. Something that's a big hit there every time are these jeeps that the kids drive around. Here are Noah & Jack.

And Lincoln with Isaac.

Here's another one of those headlock-hugs that the boys seem to do a lot. Noah is wearing his batman costume that Mark wore as a kid - his mom made it! Mark's parents bought a new mask and gloves to add to the costume, and Noah loves it. Of course Linc is being Buzz Lightyear.

I know that at some point I'm going to have to stop taking pictures at my boys dental visits, but Noah was just so cute. He got x-rays done for the first time and sat perfectly still like a champ. He didn't fuss or fidget once during the whole cleaning either (more than I can even say for myself sometimes) .

Here's Noah waiting for the dentist to come in and see him. Isn't his proud-of-himself face so adorable?
Well, at least April is wrapped up and I can delve into the May's posts soon!


Anna and Stephen said...

Happy to see you post again! What fun times. I hope the move went well for you- I know moves can be hard, especially when you are moving away from family. Hope that things are well for you!

Camille said...

I sure hope Annie gets to the point someday where Dentist appts are enjoyable. Sorry I didn't get to come help out [any] while you were packing up and moving out -- June was absolutely crazy around my house. I wish you all the best and hope your cuties make the adjustment well :)
Camille (You don't need to post this on your blog -- it was easier to write you a note this way, strangely enough :)