Tuesday, July 20, 2010

PIM Farewell Luncheon

Anyone that knows me very well (which if you don't...then it's kind of odd that you're reading this blog) knows that the last few years during residency I've been very involved with Partners in Medicine. I got roped into the presidency for almost 2 years (thanks to my dear friend Claire), but am glad I did it. PIM was such a great support system for me...I was able to be involved in lots of neat things, participate in fun activities, and help my boys make buddies. Most of all I associated with so many great people and made good friends. While there were a lot of things about residency that I really was anxious to say goodbye to - PIM, and the friends I made there, did not fall into that category. Nonetheless, finishing residency is definitely a landmark to recognize and celebrate...for both of us! PIM had our annual farewell luncheon for the departing residents & spouses on May 15th at Cafe Trio and we had a nice time just socializing and enjoying our food. There were some people that we missed having there due to scheduling problems, but we still enjoyed visiting with each other as a smaller group this year.

And! Erin got to bring her beautiful twin boys (off all tubes!) to the luncheon too. Here are David & Harrison - eek...I don't know which is which, sorry!

Melissa, Claire, and Erin (mom of the aforementioned twins)...

Jessica, Ashley, Stephanie, Natalie.

Grant & Anna, Sarah & Scott.

Leah & Welby, Mark & myself.

Jessica, Leah & Welby (...we wouldn't want Jess to have to be in a picture by herself)

Everyone who attended the luncheon...
Even though you're probably not reading this...I miss all you PIM people!


Jana said...

I love ALL of your newly caught up blog posts! I have so much fun doing anything with you and the boys. They're the cutest little guys! I know it's hard for you to lose your friends that you loved and enjoyed so much. Love you!

Natalie Johnson said...

This was such a nice day! I'm glad that you shared your photos with us all. :)