Thursday, July 22, 2010

Linc's visit to the dentist

Here I go taking pictures at another dental visit. They just look so cute with their tiny little selves in those big dentist chairs. Anyway, Lincoln's appointment (May 26th) went great - he was amazing. Not every 2 year old will sit still and let someone mess around in their mouth...heck, Lincoln rarely sits still for anything. Of course he did have a very helpful big brother there with him.

Linc with his x-ray bites in. I love those chubby little cheeks in this photo as the dental hygienist positioned his head.

I love that pediatric dentists offices have tv screens on the ceiling playing cartoons - so do my boys. Lincoln is holding still while watching whatever was on at the time, while Noah helps him hold the x-ray position that Linc was told to stay in. Perhaps a seemingly everyday moment, but I was feeling pretty proud of both of my boys right then.

I wanted to celebrate such a successful trip to the dentist, and since Mark was working late that night anyway we went to the golden arches and met up with my mom for dinner! The boys enjoyed happy meals (Noah insisted on wearing the box on his head) and we let them play an extra long time on the playplace.
May every trip to the dentist go that smoothly...

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