Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Play Day

My parents called me one day and asked if they could take Noah to a play (on the 29th). He loves costumes, playing make believe, and stories...and he loved being introduced to what a play is (at the Treehouse museum), so I was excited for him to get to go to a real play! I will admit that I was also pleased that the timing aligned with the day we were doing a yard sale too...with everything we had to do, juggling one kid is so much easier than two. Plus he got to have all of that great one on one attention from his grandparents.

Noah before the play.

Noah and my dad.

Noah with a backdrop after the play...I love how he insists on this pose for firefighter things (holding the hose).

Noah with some cast members.

Of course my parents couldn't let the fun end there...after the play they took him to Liberty Park where he ended up getting to ride these airplanes. It's so strange to see pictures of my child (that I'm normally with 24/7) having fun...and not having the memories to pair with the pictures, since I wasn't there. It's great, just strange. I'm glad that he has people in his life that love him as much as we do, and who enjoy spending time with and spoiling him.

Noah had actually been asking for weeks to go see the Salt Lake temple, so my parents took him there too.

Again...I wasn't there for this, so I'm not sure exactly what he was pretending to be here. A jungle creature of some sort perhaps? They took him to the Mayan Adventure to eat, which of course he loved. He kept telling me how "amazing!" it was to watch the show that repeated periodically while they ate (cliff divers jumping to the water below), and that there was a cool waterfall.

He frequently does this look-through-the-fork-with-one-eye thing. Funny kid. It usually means that whatever he is pretending to be is in a cage or in jail.

Outside the restaurant.

Thanks, Mom & Dad for giving Noah such a fun, special day...and even more for the way that you love our little guy.

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Jana said...

Our pleasure! We loved every minute. He's a wonderful boy and pal to us!