Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Water play date

7/13/12  I sent out a mass text to moms in our neighborhood to bring over their kids to play in the sprinklers, kiddie pool, and slip 'n' slide.  Then I let my mom and sister in law (Chelsey) know that they were welcome too if they wanted to get out of the house.  It was a fun to get together and just let the kids run wild (and wear themselves out)! 

As people started arriving the boys hit the slip and slide.  These clips display pretty well the differences in their little personalities.  Linc jumping into things headfirst with exuberance and zeal.  Noah excited about the idea of something, but in practice much more cautious (and, let's be honest...more concerned about having the goggles on his head as an accesory):

My mom brought her camera, so she took the majority of these pictures (and mostly of her grandkids, of course).  Thank you, Mom!
Audrey and Ezra.

I love how Ezra's tongue is out with concentration, and then in the background you have Lincoln on the slip 'n' slide with his face totally down and his feet up in the air...

Running through the sprinklers:

Noah sitting in a chair sipping a drink like he's one of the adults...

Max enjoyed practicing his new trick...standing up!  This next trio of pictures show how proud he was of himself...

Lincoln warming up.

Ezra rocking some goggles.

Noah hanging out with some of the girls (Audrey, Dani, and Maya).

 Sydnie with Trey.

 Natalie keeping an eye on Max, Trey, Crew, and Ezra.

This is just to document the fastest crawler of all time (Trey).

One more trio of Max standing up pictures.  He was just so adorable and proud of himself!

 Cute little snuggle bug.  Baby Jack just shy of 3 weeks old (I promised Erin she wouldn't be in the picture).

Yes, this was cute (my boys playing with the girls and their doll stuff), but it may also be pretty funny to them some day...

Last of all, one more video clip of some of the kids playing a game of London Bridges with a hula hoop:

I love summer afternoons like this.

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