Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Splash pad fun with cousins!

7/31/12 Mark's whole family got together at his parents' local splash pad!  We enjoyed some tasty food and had a lot of fun watching the kids play.

Here are Lincoln, Henry, and Noah exploring what there was to eat.  Linc is at an (extended) picky eater phase of his life...hence the less than happy expression on his face.  As you can see though - Henry and Noah are quite pleased.

Max's favorite thing to eat that summer...watermelon.  And I love how he always crosses his ankles...

I love that newly-learned-to-walk toddle:

Here there, soggy bottom boy.

Lincoln and Max enjoying the splash pad...

Dave with Ava and Linc.

Grandpa and Grandma with Max and Henry.

Jake, Noah, and Henry.

Max with his daddy.


Grandpa with Ava and Max, Jake, Lincoln, Noah, and Henry.

And Lincoln requested a picture of just his cute little self.  Not going to argue with that.
Thanks for coming in town and giving us a good reason to all get together, Rachel!  It was fun!

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Mark, Holly and Boys said...

I love to see Noah & Lincoln together. The picture with them with their arms around each other, make me smile and tear up. I love those guys. I hope that they are friends forever.