Saturday, February 2, 2013

Josh's 22nd birthday

6/20/12  My baby brother turned 22.  And, since we weren't able to celebrate in person with him during his prior two birthdays (while he was serving his mission) a BBQ birthday party seemed to be in order!  My parents through a fun birthday party for Josh and we enjoyed eating outside on their deck.

Joshy blowing out his birthday candles...

Grandma Shirlene and Josh.

I know that Josh isn't my baby, but I was entering my teens when he was born (he was born while I was at girls' camp)!  I like to remind this tallest member of our family now and then that I did help with changing his diapers...and teaching him to give himself his own insulin shots when he was barely 4 (never mind that it was because I was too scared to give him his shot).  Even Mark has known Josh since he was four years old and we have both enjoyed watching him grow up...out of his floppy bull cut hair-do, passing us both up in height, and growing up into a genuinely good person.  We're glad to be able to call him our brother, and that our little boys can call him their uncle!  Happy birthday, Josh! 

I can't believe that my baby (who we can sit in a highchair outside wearing only a diaper) will someday get tall and turn 22.  For now though, let those chubby cheeks hang and let the watermelon drip down your chest, baby Max!

And now, a dozen photos of my baby eating his watermelon.  Really.  I'm posting a dozen...

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