Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cousins zoo day

8/8/12 We hit the zoo with my mom, Chelsey and her kids.

My mom took this picture of all the rest of us just as we were getting started.  I just LOVE how Ezra and Max are looking at each other.  So cute.

Those zoo maps are always so popular, and mapping out what to see can be serious business...


Cute Linc and Ez:

A few cute video clips of Max seeing the monkeys!

Noah having some fun with a giant fan/mister...

This was our first trip to a zoo where Max was old enough to care about seeing the animals.  He was super cute.

Ice cream!

Maybe it's because I grew up going to this same zoo, but going there is one of those things that just screams summertime to me.  I love it.

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