Thursday, February 21, 2013

Gabe's birthday party

August 18, 2012

My friend Natalie's cute son Gabe had his birthday party at the children's museum in Salt Lake.  They went with a superhero theme.  It was such a cute party and everyone had a great time!  Here are my 3 little superheros as we arrived at the party.

Making superhero masks...

Cute little party favors...

The cake!

...and the cupcakes!  It wasn't much, but I volunteered to make these little cupcake toppers (I simply bought the digital image from Cupcake Express online and then printed, cut, and assembled them).

Noah into the theme (as always)...

 The kids lining up to be taken out to their little superhero obstacle course...

14 month old Max.

Here are a couple video clips from the obstacle course.  I love that Lincoln just says exactly what he's thinking...while frustrated with this part of the course he blurts out, "This is not fun at all".  (Of course he had a wonderful time, that's just how he felt at the moment)

Fun with the obstacle course:

Here is Lincoln marching to the beat of his own drum as he often does.  He was having a blast though.

Time for birthday cake and presents!

As you may have noticed in the background of the previous photos, Max was still in the stroller.  Sorry, buddy.

Posing with the workers/party leaders...

Me and my super heroes.
Thanks for inviting us to your super-party! :)

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