Sunday, February 10, 2013

July 2012 Wrap Up!

7/2/12 Me trying to catch Max saying uh-oh (he says "uh-ee") on video:

Max trying a popsicle for the first time with Mom and Grandma Jana.
7/8/12  Just a Sunday afternoon.
Our cute little one year old boy:

And our two cute big boys:

I love that Noah requested a bow tie for church.  He's such a cute little dude.

7/10/12  Sometimes when you're a baby you've already played hard enough to be this tired by 10:30 am.

7/12/12 Max chasing the laser pointer:

7/14/12 We had family pictures done with my whole side of the family.  I'll have some pictures that my brother Chris took afterwards to add here later, but for now here is the family picture that we chose to purchase:

After pictures were done we drove downtown to Siegfrieds for lunch!  Here are the kids crossing the street with the crosswalk flags (I thought it was cute)...

And here are Audrey, Ez, and Noah checking out this apron on this random statue at the restaurant...

After we were done with pictures, and lunch with the family was done, I had Mark drop me off at City Creek to meet some of the girls from the lane who were there celebrating Leah's birthday!

7/16/12 Kids playing in the back yard.
I'm pretty sure Noah was being Darth Maul here...

Lincoln and Matix catching bugs...

And I had to take a picture from the top/back of Max's head to show his cute, but often frustrating double cowlick.

7/20/12 Boys at the park.
Noah, Linc, and Isaac had fun for a long time climbing in this tree...

Max enjoyed being able to practice his new skill of walking around!

7/22/12 And here is a quick clip of Max at home practicing those newly acquired walking skills:

More of the same, even on the same day but up at Mark's parents' house:

And excited to see Daisy dog:

Mark has enjoyed a few seasons of playing indoor soccer on a team with all 3 of my brothers.  It's a good way for him to get some exercise as well as release some stress from the week.  I don't have great pictures of them playing (c'mon, I have a snap shot camera...inside...and I'm behind plexiglass).  Anyway, here's documentation that it "really happened"...

What the boys do during the game if it's early enough for us to come and watch...

Josh, Mark, and Matt (I think Chris had to bolt quickly after the game to get to work)...

7/27 Noah got to go to a Bees baseball game with Grandpa Rob!

7/28/12 After Katie's shower was over we enjoyed having all of Mark's family over for dinner while his sister was in town (hence the decorations in the background of this photo).  We actually snapped a pretty good photo with everyone in it except for Matt...

Max learning to jabber.  Mama...more.

July was a fun month.

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