Sunday, June 12, 2011

May Wrap Up

Just a few pictures and one video clip for this wrap up...and then I'm all caught up! Wahoo!

May 7th we attended a get together at a park with a bunch of people from church. The kids were so cute enjoying themselves playing in the little splash pad there:

Audrey H., Noah, Lincoln.

May 13th ultrasound (33 weeks)! Isn't he so cute? He is almost 6 pounds here with 7 weeks left to wonder the chubby cheeks. In addition to his size (continuing to measure 3 weeks ahead for his size) the ultrasound tech showed us his beautiful long eyelashes. Amazing that we can check that stuff out in utero, right? These pictures aren't the best quality since I just snapped pictures of my printed out copies, but I want to share them anyway:

Caught a smile here:

I'm just throwing these in to document this puzzle stage that Linc is enjoying right now. I pulled these puzzles off the shelf one day and Lincoln threw them together and loved it!
Then he took them apart and did them over and over again! So, we've been giving him puzzles with more pieces since then (no pictures of that yet)...he loves it. And, unlike his mother, he doesn't get frustrated or mind just doing it all by himself. Awesome!

The last thing for this post is a clip of me trying to wake Lincoln up. He crashed on the recliner just before it was time to go pick Noah up from school one day. He was so-o tired that I had trouble waking him up. It cracked me up, so I grabbed my camera:

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