Thursday, June 9, 2011

April Wrap Up

The first thing I have to put in this post is a video clip of our big milestone that happened in April. Saying goodbye to "bink"! Lincoln was still using his binky to go to sleep at night and we seemed to have missed the window to take it away...this boy was as attached to that thing as he could be to anything. We'd tried several different methods several times to lose the binky at night, but nothing worked. One day while at the store he saw a toy he really wanted and I told him that I'd buy it for him if he said goodbye to his bink and put it in the garbage. He agreed! (This was the zillionth time that I'd tried this same method, so the timing must have just been right) Anyway, while I knew that the battle wouldn't be over come bedtime (and oh, the heartbreaking tears that were to come) is a clip of Lincoln actually going through with saying his final goodbye to bink!:

Catching Linc doing stuff like this showed us that perhaps it was past time to take down the baby gate. He could climb over that thing in 2 seconds flat.

Lincoln feeling pretty proud of his super-hero skills.

And, since we're on the topic of's a clip of the boys being villans. While Noah is particularly fond of always playing the part of the villan, Lincoln seems to like to switch back and forth between being a good guy and a bad guy. In any case, they can be quite entertaining. Oh, and I get a kick out of the accents that Noah attempts to associate with characters!:

Ultrasound picture of our little guy on April 15th (29 weeks). I love how he has his little fist up by his face:

Mark and I got tickets through his work to attend a benefit together. I figured that we ought to document us going out on a date night without the kiddos (thanks to our awesome babysitter Sabrina)!

A quick shot of Allison and me as we left on of the locations from our photo session. Allison was so much fun (I know, shocking for those of you that know her) playing with the boys when they weren't being photographed. She ran around exploring with them, and helped them have lots of fun. Thanks, Al!

The boys enjoying blowing some bubbles that my mom sent them...

Here are a couple of clips of the an activity that the boys came up with in the backyard. I'm glad that I had my camera handy (and I'm glad that they thought to put a helmet on Lincoln)...

Noah taking a spin:

April 26th. After school play-date at the Railroad Park with some friends from school. Tie dye shirt: Noah S., Orange shirt: Nicolas, Black shirt: Brody...and Lincoln and Noah in front.

Lincoln & Noah in front of one of the cool trains.

Thumbs up for a fun trip to the park.

Every now and then we enjoy going out for Thai food as a family and the boys love it. I took this quick clip of Lincoln eating noodles and it cracked me up how he kept glancing at himself in the nearby mirror as he ate:

April 30th. Caitlyn (from Noah's class) had a swim birthday party. Here she is blowing out her candles!

I debated whether or not to include this video clip that Mark recorded. First of all, I'd like to document that my wonderful husband dared his 5 year old child to do this. (*sigh*) Secondly, I'd like to document that I did protest. Unfortunately, I suppose that I'm also required to add that some part of me was amused by it all...I'm not sure if it was the act itself that was amusing, or simply the fact that Noah did something so out of character for himself and actually took on the dare to run over and spray the group of teenage girls that were sunning themselves:

Lincoln & Noah leaving Caitlyn's party with their bug catching nets (party favor) over their shoulders.

I'll finish this post with a video from one random morning in April. Lincoln was singing a dutch song about the Bible story of Jonah and the whale. Mark has been singing it to each of the boys since they were new babies, but likes to substitute their names into the song for fun. It's fun to hear how much of the song they actually remember in dutch:

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Jana said...

So cute as usual! I especially like the clip of the boys twisting up the swing! Love Lincoln's helmet. And it doubles as a batting helmet too! Can't wait to see you guys!