Monday, June 6, 2011

The Lake

We had everything loaded in our minivan to leave straight from Easter egg hunts to enjoy the rest of the day at the lake! Mark's aunt MarJan & cousin Camille invited us to join them for their annual Easter festivities at Camille's in-law's lakeside home. So, we made a nice little mini road-trip to their place and enjoyed a wonderful afternoon out on the water. The boys were in heaven. It didn't take any coaxing to get them into the water...

Noah delved right into his make-believe-land and became a crocodile...

And Lincoln immediately began chasing & splashing cute girls. Luckily this one knew how to defend herself:

And then Linc moved on to splashing this older boy. Nice:

Lincoln didn't have any reservations with wandering off down the beach by himself or out into deep water, so we had to keep a very constant eye on him (as we always do around water though anyway)...

Allison happily took her turn rotating being "on-duty" with watching a designated boy too, so that was awesome.

I have to say that besides the awesome fringe benefit of having an extra set of eyes and hands for the boys (yes, we had them out-numbered)...I really loved having Allison around for those 3 quick days! We have been friends for 20 years now (exactly). We've been friends since the beginning of Jr. High School! We played soccer together, shared clothes and ran the neighbor's dogs together, fought and made up as teenage girls do, and cried over stupid boys together. We went through various hair-colors, piercings, and progressive genres of music together. She was there when I came home from Taiwan and from my mission in Germany. She was one of my bridesmaids when I got married, and her son Isaac & our Noah are little buddies (less than 4 months apart). And, she is one of only a few of my close friends that I can honestly say really know my husband (and all the details of our pre-marriage "courtship"). She pretty much feels like she's always been part of my life, I guess. Although the craziness of life can keep us from talking as often as we would like, it's never awkward to pick up where we left off when we do catch up...although, if given the chance, we'll probably talk all night (which we practically did while she was here). So here's to old friendships!...and to having Allison all to ourselves for a weekend!

Noah and Lincoln weren't bored for one minute. They played together, with other kids, and even by themselves - and had lots of fun the whole time.

Here's an example to contrast the differences in their types of play though. Linc was all about splashing in the water and playing in the mud...

Noah was especially interested in make-believe, especially if there were this "pirate boat" (Noah & Jocelyn):

Lincoln enjoyed being around some older kids that could put up with (and dish back out) his active, playful side...and I think Noah enjoyed being around some younger kids that he could kind of hand out roles to act out what he wanted to play ("You are ___ and I'll be ___"). Somehow everyone managed to have fun together though! Here the kids are enjoying just pulling each other around in this inflatable raft:

Noah docking his pirate, raft.

We all brought boiled eggs to color, which was fun. I thought doing it outside, and where the kids would also be jumping back into the lake, was ingenious. No stress about mess/spills.

Lincoln's face in this one cracks me up (pun recognized)...

And then it was time for the boys to take their first ride in a real boat! Here's Linc after just climbing into the boat off the dock...

Mark & Lincoln.

Noah, Mark, Lincoln.

I was surprised that neither of the boys chickened out on the tube ride at the last minute - they can each be unpredictable that way, but they were really excited!

And we were off! They were a little unsure about things at first, but soon realized that it was safe and FUN!

Behind the tube here is Camille's in-law's home in the background, and the beach area that we were playing on...

They started things out pretty mellow (as seen in this short clip), and then got a bit more adventurous with bouncing around on some wakes.

After a while Lincoln said he was done and got back into the boat with me. So just Noah & Daddy went out on the tube...and we sped things up a bit:

Later Mark was able to take Noah out on a jet ski. Here's a short clip of them slowing down to wave "hi to Mom"!:

This quick clip is of Noah after riding the jet ski (really fast) with Mark. He's trying to verbalize that at first he was scared, but then realized that it was fun:

I have to add that when Noah saw the previous video clip he was particularly embarrassed that he was wearing a Barbie life jacket. Sorry, buddy, that's just what was available. I just find it amusing that he's getting old enough to recognize and care about stuff like that.

And I had to end this post with this cute little picture of the boys enjoying some cold sodas. Noah's expression cracks me up every time I look at this photo. All on his own he turned the can so I could see the name of the soda, and actually held that pose...
What a fun, fun day!

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What a fun day! It looks like everyone had a blast. I love it!