Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Easter Sunday

A quick shot of the family before heading into church on Easter Sunday:

Don't our boys look so handsome?!

After our church services were over we drove around and admired some of the beautiful blossoms that were everywhere...on trees, cacti, bushes, etc. Springtime really is beautiful here in the desert. Here's a common cactus with it's beautiful yellow blossoms...

And we took a few pictures of Noah by some flowers too. Not only did he look sharp in his new Easter outfit, but he knew it. He said that he loved wearing something "fancy".

I know that someday I'll look back and say how little that Noah looks here, but right now I just can't believe how grown up he is looking!

Later that afternoon the Easter Bunny visited our house and left baskets and Easter eggs. Thank goodness since the boys didn't have enough candy or chances to hung for eggs, right? (sarcasm) It was still so much fun to watch them though. Here's a clip of them finding their baskets. I love that it quickly captures the little thing Noah does with his thumb & forefinger on his chin when he's thinking (while figuring out where Linc's basket is). They're both such cute boys. Having them young and excited about this stuff is so much fun...

Here are 3 more short clips of the boys looking for eggs. We found it funny that Lincoln kept saying, "Are you kidding?"...and also that both boys kept dropping the plastic eggs. Over & over. It really was uncanny. Every minute or two they either dropped one out of their hand or their basket.

One last picture after we were all done outside and the boys were headed in with their baskets and eggs. Right as I snapped this picture Lincoln dropped and broke open several more eggs on the ground. The boys just stood there for a second and gawked like, "really?"...and I think that was what we were all thinking at that point. It was pretty funny.

What I unfortunately didn't take any pictures of was the lovely Easter dinner that Mark made for us. I was feeling pretty yucky that afternoon - I thought that maybe I was just sleep deprived (Allison & I talked until really late) and also warn out from all the activity and sun the day before (2 egg hunts & afternoon at the lake). However, that was just the first day of me starting to feel really crummy again - instead of "ignorably nauseous" as I'd been calling it the previous several weeks. That was 6 weeks ago and, although I'm not as sick as I was the first half of my pregnancy, things have been pretty rough in the nauseous department. Anyhow, I digress! Mark made the boys, Allison and I a delicious dinner of Braciole (your best yet, babe!) and even had the table looking beautiful.

That night we had to drop Allison back off at the airport *sniff, sniff* but we were so glad to have had her for such a fun, whirlwind weekend. And I have to thank Mark for everything he did all weekend to make things nice for everyone...including cooking, cleaning, packing coolers for our adventures, and happily taking care of the boys so Allison and I could go get pedicures! Thanks, babe! You're the best.


Anonymous said...

Mark - Are you kidding? You have to love Linc's little voice.

The Nielsen Family said...

Holly, I know this picture was taken a while ago, but you look so good! Can't wait to see some current pictures of you prego! The boys are adorable as always!!