Saturday, June 11, 2011

Finishing up with the Phillies

We got our share of giggles watching Noah do funny things out on the field this first season of tee ball. For example: Getting passed on more than one occasion by the runner behind him while running to the next base. Taking his sweet time with just about everything (it didn't matter if both teams were waiting on him to make his way up to bat). Watching a hummingbird instead of the ball. Acting out scenes from movies while playing the field (for example, the baseball scene from Hook). You get the idea.

Anyway, that being said...our little guy really did make progress over the season! The most apparent (and easily measured) improvement was batting. Noah went from struggling to just hit a ball off the tee, to being able to hit a ball with an underhanded pitch! I have a few clips that I'll include from his game on May 13th. The first one is just a quick clip that shows him drawing a line in the sand to stand behind. I just thought that was too cute:

And a couple of batting clips:

Oh, how I wish that we had videos from his next game (which was their second to last game). It was as if things just finally clicked for him. He had strong hits every time he was up to bat (once it went past 2nd base), and 3 of the times he was up he hit the ball on the first pitch! It was so cute to see how proud he was of himself...and we made a big fuss after the game and went out for burgers and ice cream. That was serious improvement from 2 months prior (if you click here, you can scroll down to a previous post and watch a clip from that first game).

Their last game was rained out only a few minutes after starting when a downpour hit. Our team party was set up to be held after the game too, so we waited out the rain under some trees and then went ahead with things anyway (and just tried to ignore the rain as it showered us a couple more times during the party). The first thing they did was have Coach Craig (who was fantastic, I must add...just the right amount of encouraging and patient) hand out medals, trophies, and team pictures. Here is Noah getting his:

Doesn't he look proud of himself?

Lincoln congratulating Noah (melt my heart):

Hagan's parents weren't able to stay for the game/party and his mom was sad to miss it. I told her that I'd snap a couple of pictures of him, so here's Hagan after getting his awards:

Shane must have seen me take Noah's picture and then Hagan's picture after getting their awards, so after getting his he walked over to me and stood there posing with this cute I went ahead and took a picture of him too. Pretty cute, huh?

One last picture. Hagan & Noah (I should mention that they're friends from preschool too):
And aren't those little baseball uniforms so cute?!

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Jana said...

So glad you had photos and video clips to share! It makes missing out a lot better. Noah is the cutest little baseball player ever!