Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hey, that's me!

I'm way behind on blog posts (as usual) - haven't finished up November yet...but I had to post a link to this polka dot birthday site that just featured my blog! Ha! The owner left a comment on my "Audrey's Birthday Party" post asking if she could share it with her readers - quite flattering...anyway, it's a cute site - take a gander!

The only other time (that I know of) that my blog has been featured on another website was when asked if they could post my stuff from my D.C. trip on their website. When I get these comments it's always fun and unexpected since I'm not promoting anything on my blog (it's just my lazy form of scrapbooking/journaling)...but it's kinda' fun, and has given me a couple of great sites to bookmark that I didn't know about otherwise!


Heather said...

i told you... you need to go into party planning!!!! :)

Jana said...

Party Central! You're great.