Monday, December 21, 2009

Gingerbread Houses

I've talked about my creative & talented friend Claire before...well, her mom (Ann) has got skills too! Not only can she cater a fantastic party (I've been to a couple...most recently our PIM holiday party), but Ann can bake well too! While this wasn't new news to me, I was still super impressed that she baked and assembled eight gingerbread houses (from scratch) and invited her grandsons' friends over to decorate them! How fun is that?! Here's a shot of Noah with his house before decorating commenced for him.

Lincoln was interested in spreading the frosting on his house for a minute anyway :)

Noah loved this project. He accepted a little bit of help with frosting the roof, but that was it. He wanted the decorating to be all him. He carefully chose each piece of candy and where to put them all on his own.

Michael decorating his house.

This picture isn't anything special, but it was the only "group" shot that I had...and I get a kick out of Noah getting ready to pull a face for the camera, and Lincoln climbing down from his chair (he was up and down, up and down, and all over the place).

Understandably, for a 2-year-old, the best party of the experience for Lincoln was eating the candy and licking the frosting. I helped to throw a few pieces of candy from Linc's bowl onto his house before the frosting hardened or before Lincoln ate it all (both were happening quickly).

Noah showing me his house...and Linc's is the other one in the picture (of course Lincoln is nowhere to be seen).

A close-up of Noah's finished gingerbread house. You can tell I'm a mom because I'm actually super proud of this masterpiece that he decorated all by himself!
Thank you so much to Claire & Ann for such a fun Christmas activity! You're amazing!

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Leslie said...

Looks like fun. Hope you are doing well.