Friday, December 18, 2009

Setting up the tree

Nothing gets me in the Christmas spirit more than puttin' up the tree! It was a lot of fun to watch the boys "help" Mark put the tree up and decorate it. A few lights, some ornaments, and some beads. Let's start at the very beginning ("that's a very good place to start..." come on, you know you're humming the tune)...

First we pulled the tree out of the box. Ta-da!

Next it was time to spread out those branches.

Lincoln decided that it was his official job to turn the tree (which became a bit frustrating for those trying to work on it)...

Checking the strand of lights - yup, they work!

Time to resign this "helper" to the booster seat since he began undoing things faster than we could do them.

Noah begging me not to take his picture.

Dad (aka - the guy who really set up the tree).

Noah admiring the lights...

...and hanging some ornaments.

A break from the decorating to snap a photo of Noah & Daddy.

Noah began taking his decorating quite seriously. We tried to give him a few tips about spreading out the ornaments, but he'd hear nothing of it. He had an idea of just how he wanted things to look, and we decided that was pretty cute.

Apparently what he envisioned was seeing how many ornaments he could balance on a couple of laden branches...

...I snapped this picture as Noah ran to retrieve more ornaments:

Mark with a proud little tree-decorating three-year-old.
Tree update: I have to re-hang the beads daily, the bottom half of the tree is usually stripped of ornaments by the end of the day (and put out of reach), two ornaments have shattered...but one of the highlights of my day is seeing how excited Noah is to plug in the lights (and how proud he is that he can do it himself).

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