Sunday, December 20, 2009


The first week of December we got a nice sized snow storm. So, I got up the gumption one afternoon to take all 3 kids (Noah, Linc, and Anna) out to play while I shoveled. It was a workout getting 3 kids (3 years old & under) all decked out in their snow gear. By the time I got the 3rd one dressed, the first one was sweating waiting to go outside in his snow clothes...and I was sweating from just trying to wrangle the three of them. Once we got outside it was a lot of fun though, so I'm glad that we did it!

Noah could hardly wait to make snow angels!

How cute is he?!

A quick clip of his snow angel creation:

Lincoln and Noah running through the snow.

Lincoln was delighted just to trudge through all the white stuff.

But he decided that eating the snow wasn't all that it was cracked up to be.

Lincoln trying to get up (while wearing all that snow gear) after he fell over...

Anna enjoyed poking about. There was no throwing herself into the snow, and she didn't even venture off the pathway...but she looked like a cute little snow bunny out there...

...and she had fun too!

I don't remember exactly what happened, but I had my camera out right as Lincoln caught a chunk of snow in the I went ahead and snapped this quick shot before wiping down his face. Poor guy - the things I put my kids through for a cute/funny picture.

Since I had such a good laugh over Lincoln getting snow all over his face, Noah decided to toss some snow in his own face and have me take a picture. The cold doesn't seem to even phase Noah. I love that kid.

And there will surely be plenty more of these snow days to come over the coming months...

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Becky T said...

OH!!! I love this! And I miss it so much. People think I'm crazy to miss the snow (and when the day comes that I have it again, I may think I was crazy to have missed it too, lol!), but I truly miss it for the kids' sake. How fun, such cute pictures!