Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ya' gotta love boys

We had the Donnelly boys over a couple weeks ago while their parents were at a meeting and I realized that I had boys 1,2,3&4 years old under my roof. We had a lot of fun playing together and, although I think it would be crazy to have four boys that close in age all of the time, I also realized again how nuts that I am about little boys! I'm sure that if we're blessed with a little girl some day that I will enjoy gorging myself on all things pink and girlie, but right now I'm just reveling in how much I adore boys.
(Michael & Noah)

So, please indulge me while I list a few of the things that I love about my boys: I love their endless amount of energy (it's tiring, but so endearing). I love their need to climb and "conquer" things. I love their insatiable need to discover & explore - even though it often ends in messiness (which they also love).

Speaking of messiness...I do even love their obsession with dirt & bugs - and with building and destroying (with a current emphasis on the latter). I love how they are intrigued by anything with an engine, and I adore their silliness (in all its various forms) - as exhibited here for example...

I have to say though, one of the things that I love very most about boys (and maybe this partially comes from growing up with all brothers) is how rough & tumble they are! They love anything physical, and right now wrestling and chasing seem to top that list. I just love rolling around on the floor with them, tickling and wrestling them, and taking turns chasing each other. Ooooh, I love my boys! Here's a short clip of my boys and the Donnelly boys (Michael & Drew) wrestling - and loving it.

At this point in my life I wouldn't have it any other way than I do, having all brothers (they're the best)! In fact, I attribute some the qualities that I have (that I appreciate) to growing up as an "only girl". However, while growing up I always yearned for a little sister. So, perhaps largely due to that...I'm so glad that my boys both get to know what it feels like to be a brother and to have a brother.

So, thank goodness for little boys! I sure do adore my two li'l cowboys!


Alison said...

Soooo cute! Can I just add that I LOVE their instinctive "noises". How do they know what a car, boat, train, etc. sounds like at such a young age? Heaven knows I didn't teach them :)

Jana said...

I love boys too! Especially these two. They make our lives extra fun.