Monday, April 13, 2009

When it comes to bubbles...

...there can never be enough! Like most kids, my boys love bubbles, and it seems that more is always better. So! They love the bath blizzard that Noah got from Mark's parents for his birthday. This little contraption has a fan inside that pumps out lots of bubbles, and has turned into a regular staple of our bath time now. Lincoln even says bubble ("bubboww") now - accompanied by a giant mischievous grin. He also often likes to try to eat the bubbles, silly baby.

Noah was quite averse to me taking his picture while in the bath. A sudden onset of modesty? I doubt that was it, but oh well. I did manage to snap a few cute pics of Lincoln, and I couldn't help but to include one of these shots of him. I just love watching him as he concentrates while exploring his world...and just look at those eyelashes!

Such a happy little guy.

I was able to catch this video clip of both of the boys as we got bath time started. When there are bubbles, Noah often likes to be the abominable snowman (which he often pronounces as "the probably snowman").

Thanks, "gramma and grampa" for Noah's fun bubble maker!


Camille said...

Fun! Annie likes it when I get out the orange stick and container of 33c bubbles at bath time! Plus, I'm enjoying your new slideshow!

Jana said...

Perfect gift for these two cute little dirt magnets! Love them!

tonya said...

Your babies are getting so big. I loved the zoo post. That is so cute that Noah wanted to wear appropriate head gear.