Thursday, April 16, 2009

March Wrap Up

Looks almost like hear no evil, see no evil, huh?...Well, almost. Just a random shot of my cute boys lounging on the couch.

A few weeks ago Noah asked to watch The Emperor's New Groove, but then didn't want me to start the movie. Rather, he wanted to watch Emperor Kusko dance on the menu page. I got quite a kick out of Noah trying to mimic his moves...especially the very first one (as well as how Noah closes his eyes while spinning)! Check it out:

Lincoln has been into hiding from us lately. He'll hide behind the door in the toy room until you wonder why things are so quite, and go looking for him. Then he'll wait silently with a huge grin on his face until you see him & then just squeal with laughter. Apparently Mark did the exact same thing as a young child too (which doesn't surprise me a bit - the tease).

The other place that Lincoln likes to hide is amidst blankets on our quilt rack. **For documentation's sake, I want to mention what is on the quilt rack: On top is Noah's beautiful baby quilt that Aunt Claudia (Mark's mom's sister) handmade for him. The middle blanket I crocheted as a surprise a few years ago for Mark (as a Christmas gift). And the bottom blanket was brought back from South Africa by Mark's mom (from one of her volunteer trips there) and was given to us as a Christmas gift.** Anyway! Linc thinks that he's pretty funny to climb in there when we're not looking (or even if we are) and then pull the blanket aside to reveal himself like this:

Noah & Lincoln have started interacting more lately and it's pretty fun. Here is a clip of Noah pushing Lincoln in our swing while doing "One for the Money". I must say that I think Noah doing his version is pretty cute...

The boys headed back home after a walk with our wagon.

Just a morning game of peek-a-boo...and don't mind Daddy.

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Jana said...

Love those cute little boys! I particularly liked the "one for the money" and the "peek a boo" clips. I'm so glad we live near enough to so much of their cuteness first hand.