Friday, April 3, 2009

Because I'm absolutely determined... show you (and myself, perhaps) that I really can publish a SHORT post - here is one!
This potty training thing has gone a lot more smoothly than I'd anticipated. Sure he's had a few accidents, but he has been a real champ for the most part - and how cute is he?! Plus, when I took this picture I figured that I better post it on the blog since I figured that Josh R. would appreciate it...a boy after his own heart, reading on the throne and all!


Leslie said...

Good luck. We are working on that as well. Two days and only 1 accident so far!

Alison said...

Absolutely LOVE it! Good luck with the potty training. Yep, I have decided to wait until Jack is three (but gosh how I wish he would just walk in there one day and do it himself). Keep us posted one his "progress" :)

Rhodenizer Family said...

Josh couldn't be more proud!!!