Thursday, April 30, 2009


I have several posts that I haven't gotten around to finishing yet, but this one couldn't wait! My "baby brother" got his mission call yesterday! ...Sorry, but with a 12 & 1/2 year gap he'll always feel like my baby brother - even though he is over 6 feet tall now.
Josh called me and said that he wanted us to be there when he opened the letter (which tells him what mission he'll be assigned to). So, the four of us sped up to my parents house. We were there, along with both of my parents, and Emily. Then we had Matt (in Colorado), Chris (in Boston), and Emily's mom each on separate speaker phones while Josh opened his call and read it out loud. It was really neat to be able to be there as he read where he would be assigned to serve, and brought back a lot of the feelings that I had when I opened my mission call over 10 years ago. It's such an overwhelming, humbling feeling to receive a mission call. To find out where you will be able to focus your entire life, during those years, in spreading the joy of the gospel and serving the Lord - it's a unique experience. As much as you'll always be my baby-est brother, Josh...this is one of many experiences where I certainly am able to look up to you. Not only could you have chosen other rewarding paths to take during this time of your life, but it has become increasingly difficult these days to stay worthy of receiving this blessing. I am so proud of you and the choice you made to serve a mission, and I know that you'll never regret it. I am so excited for the growth and experiences that await you, and for the people whose lives will be blessed through your service.

Now for the big news on where he's going...
My mom hurried and iced it on a pie after he read the letter. It says Oklahoma! Josh will serve in the Oklahoma, Tulsa mission - Spanish speaking! Wahoo! He will enter the MTC on July 22nd.

Congratulations,, Elder! We're so proud of you!


k. double-u. said...

Yay! We're so excited for him!

David/Dad/Doc said...

I am so pleased for him! Or should I say, "?!Que bueno!?" That is awesome.

Uncle Dave

The Nielsen Family said...

Congrats to your little brother. I remember how fondly you always talked of him. I bet it is weird for your family that he is the last one to go. No more missionaries till the grand-kids.

Nicole Udy Photography said...

Oh yay for him!!! It's hard having your little brothers leave for 2 years. Jon is on his mission to England and he'll be back in Jan it just seems like forever away!!