Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cutest Animals Around

On one of those gorgeous Spring-teaser days in mid-March we decided to take the boys to the zoo. Noah insisted that it would only be fitting for Lincoln and him to wear the head pieces from our elephant and rhino costumes while at the zoo, and we agreed. I have to admit that they looked pretty darn cute...they were the cutest animals that I saw at the zoo! I had a good chuckle at how huge Lincoln's head is though...Noah, at 3 years old, was wearing the same headpiece (the elephant) that Lincoln wore for last Halloween while only 11 months old (and it barely fit Lincoln back then - we had to pin it shut). Don't get me wrong - I think Linc is adorable, big noggin' and all...but I always feel bad when his head won't fit through the neck hole of a shirt.

Anyway! We had a great time at the zoo. It was surprisingly not busy at all, and all the animals were out and active in the mild weather. Our little animals wanted to be out and about too, so they weren't in the stroller very long...

Lincoln giving a loud "roaaarrr"

Which rino do you think is cuter? :)

Noah was quite cooperative with having his picture taken near a fellow elephant.

Me with my wild animals.

Lincoln has been really into animal sounds lately. He loves doing the "What does a ___ say?" game. I'm usually too slow getting my camera on in order to catch the sounds on tape, but here are a couple. Monkey:

And bear:

Mark & Lincoln. Looking at the llamas, I believe.

Every once in a while I look at a picture like this and remember that our boys won't always have to reach up to hold our hands, or have to take at least two steps for every one of ours, or that they could possibly be taller than us someday. So, I'm glad that we're enjoying this time while they're still small...and while they still want to hold our hands.

We have really loved having a zoo pass so we can go so often. It's been one of our most-used Christmas gifts ever (thanks again, Mom & Dad)! The boys have certain things they always like to do or see when we go. One thing Noah always has to do is sit on the tiger statue. It cracks me up that he thinks of himself as a cowboy while "riding" it, and how he says "Ride 'em, cowboy!" while he tames the beast. However, he of course still pronounces it as, "Right on, cowboy"!

No, our littlest wild animal isn't in a cage here, just growling at me through the the ropes of the playground's bridge.

And lastly, before leaving we indulged ourselves with a train ride. We were one of only two families on the train. I still can't get over what a perfect zoo day it was...or how much I love these three boys!


Jana said...

Definately the cutest animals at the zoo! I hadn't seen the rhino yet. Pretty cute! Love those boys!

Anna and Stephen said...

What great wonderful pictures! I love, love, love the headpieces! Looks like a great time!