Friday, May 21, 2010

Time for a luau...

Polynesian islands...sand, surf, tropical fruit & flowers, luaus. Sounds lovely, doesn't it? Well, we missed out on all those first few things - but we did get to go to a luau! Emily, who learned Tahitian dance at college this semester, invited us to attend the annual luau at Utah State University back on April 23rd. My mom and I drove up together. We ate dinner (catered by Pounders Grill) with Emily's family, and then attended the show!

The Tahitian island dancers (especially Emily!) were obviously the highlight of the show for us, but there were several very enjoyable performances from many of the various islands. Here are just a couple pictures from one of the other islands...

And here are several photos of Emily and the other Tahitian dancers! Doesn't Emily look pretty?

Of course there was picture taking after the show are the Tahitian dancers.

Here is a picture of Emily with her friend Maddy (who she's going to be rooming with next semester)...

That's right, have reason to be sassy. You were awesome!

Emily complying with my request for a posed picture...

A group shot of the dancers representing all of the different islands.

Emily and her mom.

(left to right: Melissa, Liz, Emily, Kayla) Friends/roommates of Emily's.

Me & Em.

And, for those of you that want to see Emily in action, here are a few video clips! I'll have to remember to show Josh when he gets back in a little over a year! :)

Thanks for inviting us, Em! We had a great time! Love ya!

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Emily Armstrong said...

Thanks so much for coming! I am glad you enjoyed the show! It was fun seeing the videos too thanks for the post. :)