Monday, May 10, 2010

Kangaroo Zoo

Back on the 5th of April my mom and I took the boys for an afternoon of fun at the Kangaroo Zoo! The boys absolutely loved it, and while none of the pictures that I took were of very good quality...I still think that they show both what happy, active boys they are as well as how much fun that they had that day. First of all, here are pictures of Noah & Lincoln enjoying the bounce house.

I love Lincoln's how care free and happy Lincoln looks in this picture.

I think Lincoln particularly enjoys bounce houses because he can run, jump, scream, and not worry at all about getting hurt if (when) he falls. This picture cracks me Lincoln is screaming you can literally look into his mouth and see all the way to his throat.

At the corner of the bounce house there was this little gap the boys liked to peek through and goad me on to come after them. Look at Noah's sweet little face...don't you just wanna smooch him?

Unfortunately this happy little guy managed to squeeze through this space and fall on his head while looking for me. He cried hard for a few minutes and then was right back at it...

The rest of the place is full of inflatable things to climb on or slide down and the boys had a lot of fun running around together doing just that. Here is a picture of Noah going down one of the larger slides. He was just giddy about the whole thing. After getting to the bottom of the slide he would just laugh and then jump out and run back to do it again.

This is a shot of Noah (on the left) and Lincoln (on the right) going down the slide at the same time.

Noah pretending to be the dragon. Yikes!

Whew. After all that playing we were ready for a refreshing treat. We went next door to a self serve frozen yogurt place and indulged ourselves. The man working there was super friendly, the place was nice and clean, and they even had a kid sized table with chairs and a tv playing cartoons! The kids loved it (and so did we, especially since we were able to enjoy our dessert with the boys being occupied)! I couldn't get Noah to stop for a picture, but here is Lincoln giving me an audible "cheese"!
Thanks for coming with us, Mom! We had a great time!

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