Saturday, May 15, 2010

Jack's Batman Party

While my good friend Jenny was visiting here in Utah (from California) she threw a birthday party for her son Jack at Boondocks! He chose to have a batman theme for his 5th birthday, and asked the kids who came to dress up as a superhero. Of course that didn't take any convincing with my boys. They were super excited!

Noah went as Mr. Incredible...

And Lincoln went as Buzz Lightyear...

Allison & Jenny. I love these two girls. I can hardly believe that I've been friends with them now for 20 & 25 years respectively! It's so fun that all three of us have boys close to the same age, and I love when we can get together and watch them run amok while we catch up with each other.

Noah & Jack (the birthday boy).

Lincoln & Grace (aka batgirl...and the birthday boy's sister).

It was fun to watch the kids chase each other around in all their superhero-ness...

I think it's so cute how excited little kids get about the birthday boy or girl blowing out their candles. I guess that there aren't very many times that it's acceptable to light something on fire and stick it into something sweet and smothered in frosting! Such strange traditions we have...and I love them. Not much is better (in my book) than a kid's birthday party!

Jack blowing out his candles.


Such a cute little Buzz.

This may be my favorite picture that I took from the party. How sweet is this picture of my friend Allison's son Isaac?! Love it.

Present opening time!

And then it was off to play games! Each kid at the party was given their own card, preloaded with money, to swipe at any game they wanted to play - how fun is that?! Noah was beside himself with excitement. We've never played any games at a place like that, and he loved that he could choose whatever game he wanted to play...or ride any of the little rides.

Noah & Isaac. (I love Noah's little nonchalant hand on the hip)

Grace and Noah on a little ride.

Lincoln had a really great time too! Check out the smile on his face while playing this race car game with Isaac!


Noah playing a basketball game:

Yes, I was one of those moms that originally said I wouldn't let my kids play with guns. When will I learn never to say "I'll never..."? I'm tellin' ya' - there is something built into boys' DNA that makes them innately drawn to weapons. And if you don't have toy weapons in your home (and provide parameters for them), they'll find things to use as weapons anyway...sticks, spoons, whatever. I give in...

Eventually we did take off the costumes for the boys to play in the Kiddie Cove. Besides the little issue of overheating...vinyl doesn't move very well when going down slides. I don't have any pictures of the kids on Kiddie Cove, but here is Lincoln riding their little carousel.

Carol (Jenny's mom) hit the pennies game to win all these tickets! What the...?!

Noah, with one of the other little party-goers, playing a car racing game.

I had a hard time catching a good picture of it, but at the end of the party Lincoln and Isaac were running around holding hands. So cute.
Thanks, Jack for inviting us to your party! I think that I had almost as much fun as Noah & Lincoln did!

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Love the pics Holly. Thanks for posting these!! :)