Monday, January 5, 2009

A Night of Jazz with no Blues

One of the absolute highlights of the holidays for me was going to a Utah Jazz game. My dad surprised all of us on Christmas by telling us that he was taking us to the Jazz game the very next night! Now, this wasn't Noah's first game, but it was the first time that I'd attended a game with him. I had a lot of fun, and the Jazz played (and won) a great game, but I'll admit that Noah (and how much fun he had!) was definitely the best part for me! I wish that you could see the steam from Noah's & Mark's mouths in this picture. Since it was so cold outside we could see our breath. While we waited to meet up with my dad Noah noticed this phenomenon and yelled, "Mommy! I have smoke in my mouth!!" Then he proceeded to tell me that he needed a pipe so he could be like Frosty and Santa. I didn't even know that he'd payed any attention to the unfortunate habit of his two favorite Christmas time characters.

We drove to the game with all three of my brothers and my sister-in-law Chelsey, who snapped this shot of the three of us, with Noah blowing "smoke" at me. I mentioned that we met up with my dad at the Energy Solutions Arena, but my mom stayed at home and watched Lincoln (& Audrey). Thank you so-o much, Mom! It was lots of fun to be able to take Noah with us for a fun night & just focus on him!

Mark & Noah as the game began.

It's lots of fun to attend a professional sports game in person, and Noah had actually started asking to go to one after the new season started, since we watch all of the games on tv. He knows who a few of the players are and he'll yell out, "Go, Millsap! Go, Brewer!" or "Go! Get the rebound". One day when we were talking about muscles Noah asked to see mine, so I flexed my biceps, and Noah shouted out, "Wow, Mom! You're like Boozer!"(Jazz's currently injured power forward). Now, while I will admit that my arms are more toned than previously (due to carrying around my tank of a baby) I'm obviously nothing close to looking like a large, african-american, male NBA player & Olympian...and my muscles in no way resemble Carlos Boozer's. Thanks anyway though, Noah. :)

Chelsey & Chris at the game. Less than 20 weeks (and counting) until you guys move back out West!

Noah really enjoyed getting into the music at the game. Check out this quick clip:

Enjoying pizza at the game...and Noah even ate it hot! (Those of you that know Noah, are aware that he insists on his food being luke warm or cold)

Here's a picture of my dad, Noah & me. The best part of the picture (for me) is that the big hug that Noah is giving me was totally unsolicited. He is such a sweet boy, and I love him so much. Oh - and I got a kick out of how he kept turning his hat sideways like that. Ooooh, I just love having little boys!!

Quick photo after the game. Yes, it was late and Noah was still smiling and happy! It was a perfect night as far as I'm concerned. Thanks, Mom & Dad!
Now if The Jazz could just stop it with all of their injuries, and rack up some more wins to get them back into the playoff picture...


Mike and Lauren said...

I love this! Noah is such an adorable boy, and it looks like you all had so much fun! Hey, could you email me your address? My email is

kathy said...

He's. So. Cute. I don't even know how you keep from squeezing him every single second. But, I guess you have to let him go every now and again so he can do an adorable little dance like that.

Jana said...

I'm slow checking out the blog! (and you've been up way too late alot lately) I love all the cute pictures and memories. We had a great Holiday with all of our family together, and especially the three cutest grandkids ever. Love you guys!

Anna and Stephen said...

That clip is priceless! I absolutely love when you post things like this- it makes my day! :)

Karin said...

Wasn't that a great game? It was so fun, again, to see you guys. You really are the cutest family!