Monday, January 12, 2009

December Wrap-Up

So, it's time to do a wrap-up post for December (now that January is practically 1/2 over)! I'll start off with saying that ever since Lincoln started walking (right around his birthday) he's turned into such a little monkey. He climbs up onto anything he can. This picture is of him standing on our foot rest. He likes to try to use it to climb up onto the desk. In fact, a couple weeks ago he managed to push a chair into the toy room (which doubles as our guest room) right up to the bed and climb onto the chair & then on up onto the bed! Not bad for a 13 month old. I didn't get a picture of that because I was afraid that if I walked away to get the camera, that I'd hear the thud of him falling off that bed (it's fairly high off the ground). Anyway, he's a little explorer and his fun personality is really beginning to shine. He's a happy kid, unless you do something he really doesn't like...and then he is not afraid to be very vocal about letting you know what he thinks!

I suppose that I'm the one to blame for this behavior that Lincoln is modeling...walking around the house while talking on the phone. He loves to do that. I thought this clip was pretty funny...he's "talking" on the phone with his binky in his mouth and I think he sounds like an adult from a Peanut's cartoon or something. Enjoy:

Throughout Christmastime Noah was really excited about snowmen. He thought they were just about the coolest thing (no pun intended). Therefor, all I had to say to get him to wear the scarf that I bought him was that he could put it on before going outside so that he could pretend to be a snowman! Worked like a charm & isn't he cute?!

The night before Christmas Eve we went to my grandparents' house (mom's parents) with my brothers and enjoyed some pizza and time chatting together. Here's a quick cousins-photo of Audrey & Noah enjoying their culinary delight.

We had the pleasure, courtesy of my parents, of attending the Body Worlds Exhibit. It was amazing and I'm so glad that we had that opportunity to go! My whole family was able to go (Mark's parents watched Noah & Lincoln...thank you so, so much for that!) and we enjoyed doing something cerebral together. I highly suggest going if you have the opportunity. The exhibit (which focused on the heart) just closed here, but it will be presenting in Tampa this summer...and the exhibit which focuses on the brain is currently in Houston, and when done there moves on to San Diego in March. Oh, and I do suggest paying the extra few dollars to get the audio guide - you can start and stop it as you like while you work your way through the exhibit. Having Mark with me was cool too because he was able point out some things I wouldn't have noticed otherwise & he answered a lot of my questions. I gained a renewed appreciation for the beautiful complexity of the human body and how efficiently it operates (particularly when it's cared for properly). The more I learn about the intricacy of the human body, the more my conviction is strengthened of divine involvement with our creation.

After the exhibit we all went to eat at Fat Cats. I know, not the most health conscious way to demonstrate our renewed appreciation for our bodies. However, it sure tasted good. I suppose my resolution isn't to eliminate food like that, but perhaps to minimize it...

Lastly, here's a picture from a routine shopping trip at our local grocery store. I used to think that these gigantic car shopping carts were kind of ridiculous...oooh, man have I had a change of heart there. Love 'em. And, I love that the boys get free cookies from the bakery. I can always count on a few minutes of quiet shopping while they devour. And, as you can see, Lincoln is pretty happy to now be in on that part of our shopping routine!


Jana said...

Such cute photos! I love the one with Noah in the scarf. It was fun to have time off to be with all of my family and enjoy Christmastime. Love you guys!

Jason and Tricia said...

Way cute pics! I love the little clip of Lincoln talking on the phone. Your little guys are soooooo adorable!

M & S Eagar said...

okay Holly, so I just have to ask..what kind of restaurant is "Fat Cats?" It just sounds...well interesting. :)

Mark, Holly and Boys said...

Funny name for an eating establishment huh, Stacy? I actually included a link (just click on the red words "Fat Cats" in my post)'s pizza.