Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas Eve

In the past we have alternated (between each side of our family) staying over night on Christmas Eve. We always really enjoy it, but started talking before Christmas last year about feeling ready to have some of our own immediate family traditions...and think it sounds fun to wake up Christmas morning with our two boys in our own home. So! This was our last year spending Christmas Eve over night away from home, and it was my parents' year. Chris & Chelsey do the same thing too, so it was a lot of fun to all spend Christmas Eve & Christmas morning together! For dinner on Christmas Eve my mom had made some scrumptious chowder and some cheesy broccoli soup with salad & rolls. She had the table set all festive with Christmas china and all.

We couldn't talk Noah into eating any dinner, but he finally ate a roll at least. Little stinker. Seriously...he acts like he's two years old or something :)

Lincoln (who still has no issues with eating) is growing increasingly attached to his pacifier. Does anybody have any good hints on the best way to wean? (Noah never took one)

My handsome brother Matt.

I'm pretty sure that my mom's expression is self explanatory, but just in case...this is the "you aren't really going to take that picture of me, right?" look.

After dinner Noah and Audrey got all cosy in a chair together to watch a movie. Such cuties.

I like this picture of my two little Santa's helpers. At first I was bummed that Lincoln's arms were blurry, but then I decided that it actually helps document things more accurately!

Here are several photos (courtesy of Chris again) that I love of Noah & Lincoln inspecting and exploring the Christmas tree. The twinkling lights, the shiny ornaments, the beautiful ribbon. It's so nice to slow down and watch a child take in the simple joys of Christmas (and life in general)!

And even though Noah didn't eat much dinner, at least he didn't hesitate to chomp down on one of the "reindeer's carrots"...

With carrot and sippy cup in hand, Noah enjoyed decorating cookies for Santa!

Such a cute little guy. Moments like this one remind me of how little Noah really is. He looked so cute in his new pj's & slippers, standing up on that chair decorating Santa's cookies.

I sure hope that Santa likes lots of sprinkles!

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kathy said...

So cute. I love their Christmas pj's!