Monday, April 28, 2008

The Boys' Big Night!

Many of you that know our family, know that we're Jazz fans. It's fun to have a professional team locally to follow & cheer for, and even more fun when they're really good (and have such likeable players too)! We were a tiny bit concerned at the beginning of the Utah Jazz's season, but they went on to have a great season & even currently carry the best home court record in the NBA. So! You can imagine how excited we were when my dad scored four tickets the the fourth game of the playoff's first round (Jazz vs. Rockets). And, since kids 2 and under are free - even Noah got to go! Here are the boys before heading off for their big night...

Here's Noah with his uncle Josh. As you can see, Noah wants to be walking right here, not to be held. "Self! Self!" is a common thing for us to hear these days.

This is Mark & Noah in front of the arena! Of course Noah doesn't really follow the basketball game itself, but he sure has caught on to the excitement. Several weeks into the season Noah started saying "go, Jazz!" and knows how to say "Boozer" (notice Noah's jersey is a Boozer replica). As the playoffs started, the Jazz's homepage started including an intro that Noah frequently requests to watch because he likes the song. It's quite a hoot to watch him try to sing along.

Here's a clip of cute little Noah trudging on up the stairs (by himself, of course) to the arena. Note his little "go Jazz" at the end of the video :)

Mark bought Noah a hat for his first ball game - pretty cute. Here's a picture of Noah enjoying a sucker at the game (which he's still talking about) while sitting on Uncle Matt's lap.

Just a little goofing around.

Here is Noah just chillin' on grandpa's lap. I'm assuming this was a request directed to dad for more to drink.

They tell me that Noah was unbelievably good (the game wasn't over until around 11:30...well after Noah's bedtime of course). I know that Mark let him run around in the concourse with him during half time and that Noah enjoyed yelling, clapping, and cheering during the game. I was so glad to hear that he had fun (I already knew that the rest of them would)!

Dad and son after the game. Pretty sweet.

...oh, and the Jazz did win, and it was a great game! If they win again tomorrow, then they'll move onto the next round of the playoffs (which will be against the L.A. Lakers assuming they win their series too, which looks likely). Go Jazz!!!

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