Friday, July 18, 2008


Real. As in Salt Lake Real Soccer. (It's pronounced ray-al for those of you that aren't into the best sport ever) My dad has taken us to a couple of Real games lately. Super fun! One of which was the evening before Independence the game was followed by fireworks!

This first photo is of all 3 of my boys as we walked up to the stadium (Real's new stadium should be finished this fall & looks awesome). I have to mention one thing about this picture...if you look really closely in the background to the left of Mark's head you can see a big inflated bull (advertising for a radio station called K-Bull). That was one of the highlights of the whole game for Noah. He shrieked "big cow!" when he saw it. He talked about it the entire game, and he was super disappointed that it was already gone when we left after the game (we had to say that the cow had already gone home to bed).

Here is a clip of Noah practicing yelling during the game. Gotta learn the most important parts of being a sports fan first, right?

Like I mentioned, there were fireworks after the game & it was the first time that either of the boys have seen fireworks! Lincoln for obvious reasons - Noah because last 4th he fell asleep in the stroller on our walk there & slept through the entire firework show (despite our efforts to arouse him), and the year before that he was only 5 months old so stayed home asleep with grandma while we went.

Anyhow! Both boys loved them. Especially Noah! Here is Noah watching the "bombs bursting in air" with grandpa.

This was pretty much Lincoln's expression the entire firework show. He just stared up at them.
"Big one!" Noah would yell.
What a fun time. Thanks, Dad!

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