Friday, July 18, 2008

Grandpa Cole

On July 5th Mark's grandfather, on his mom's side, passed away. Mark is very fond of his Grandpa Cole, and of the memories he has from time they spent together. One thing that I have heard Mark talk about many times is learning woodworking from Grandpa Cole. I am also grateful for the time I was able to spend getting to know this wonderful man, and someone who is so close to my husbands heart. Grandpa Cole flew clear to Utah by himself to attend Mark's and my wedding, and that meant so much to both of us. Also, years ago we were able to go down with other family members to Arizona for a milestone anniversary party for him & his sweetheart. And, when Noah was 6 months old, we took a trip down to Arizona to introduce Noah to his great-grandparents. Cole is even Noah's middle name. We are so grateful for the time we were able to spend with him during that visit. Here are two pictures from that trip...

And here are a couple of candid shots from our wedding. This one is of Grandpa Cole with Uncle Ron & Cousin Sara.

And lastly, our friend Debi securing Grandpa's boutonnière.
We will miss you, Grandpa Cole - but we celebrate the person that you are, and the life that you lived.

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