Friday, July 25, 2008

Horses, and goats, and pigs - oh, my!

The other day my mom came down to run some errands and we decided to take the boys to Gardner Village. We spent most of our time at the petting zoo. Noah was really hesitant to touch the animals at first, but warmed right up to the idea after watching me pet a couple of them.

At first Noah stuck right next to either my mom or me...

...but it wasn't long until he got brave and started petting the animals on his own.

Lincoln was even pretty intrigued with the goats. They kept coming up to him and sniffing the stroller, and sometimes even him!

And apparently he found that pretty funny.

Noah even took his first pony ride! Of course he called it a horse - close enough as far as I'm concerned.

At first Noah let me either hold his hand, or put my hand behind him on the saddle. However, towards the end of the ride it turned into, "seeeelf!" and so he rode without any help. It may have been a mellow ride (ok, super mellow) - but I was still so proud of my little Mr. Independent!

Noah was also quite fascinated with this pig. He decided that the pig was Pumba from The Lion King, hence the singing of "Hakuna Matata"...

And, lastly, a picture of Grandma with her two grandsons. We all had a great time - thanks, mom!

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