Friday, November 6, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Almost 4 weeks ago our playgroup went to Pack Farms pumpkin patch. It was such a fun little place to go with kids...besides a big pumpkin patch to wander through, it also had a full sized corn maze (which we didn't venture into) and a kid-sized maze made of hay bales. My boys just ran wild and had a great time.

One of the first things that the boys wanted to do was run up these stairs and across the bridge that overlooks the kids' maze. Here's my sweet Noah stopping for a quick photo.

And Lincoln running up the stairs with reckless abandon.

This little gal (Anna) may look familiar - she makes cameo appearances in photos with my boys often since I babysit her a few days a week. Here she is with her mama Kate.

I'll admit it - I was the weird mom that ran around the maze chasing the kids like a crazy person. It was worth it though when Noah would squeal with delight as I popped out from around the corner. Here's a quick picture that I snapped of Zoey and Noah before they ran away...just goading me to chase them.

Not the best quality photo ever, but I took it as I jumped out from behind a hay bale. I loved how Lincoln would just shriek with delight.

My friend Jessica with her kiddos, Lucy & Dominic.

I was even able to get a couple quick shots of myself with my two little guys.

Those of you that know Lincoln are aware that he will try to eat just about anything - food, but also...dirt, liquid soap, bubble solution, lotion (yes, he'll just pump it right into his mouth). So, it hardly surprised me when he tried taking bites out of the pumpkins at the pumpkin patch. In fact, the first time that he tried it (with a giant pumpkin out in the patch) I didn't even think enough of it to snap a picture. So, the next time that I did it I did get a quick picture before taking the pumpkin away.

Here Noah and Zoey are trying to lift one of the pumpkins in the patch.

Lincoln trying to lift a big ol' heavy pumpkin.

I asked Noah to let me take a picture of him in the pumpkin patch and he struck this pose:

Pulling the boys around in a cart.

Due to the convenient location my mom was able to meet up with us, as well as did my good friend (of nearly 20 years) Allison and her son Isaac. Noah & Isaac are little buddies, so it was fun to watch them run around together.

Allison & Isaac.

Noah was fully supportive of me taking his picture in front of this cool tractor.

I wanted to try and get a "brothers" picture, but I couldn't get them to look at me. Noah was too interested in looking at his pumpkin, and Linc was too interested in trying to get a bite out of his.

It really disturbed Noah that Lincoln was trying to eat a pumpkin. I had to reassure him that even though it may not taste very good to eat pumpkin rind, that it wouldn't hurt Lincoln. I took this picture right after that & get a kick out of their expressions...Noah's concern/disgust with the bite-marks in the pumpkin, and Lincoln's look of confusion about why the pumpkin is not as yummy as he would've thought it would be.

The boys with Grandma (my mom).
We had a great time. Perhaps we just might make Pack Farms an annual tradition.


mama fish said...

Love the hat and scarf but most of all...your boys are darling! What fun pics you got! We love Pack's too.
Thanks for that email about the photos. I didn't have a chance to respond as we were going away for the weekend and then the kids got for us! If you ever see any other good deals out there, let me know. Thanks!

k. double-u. said...

Your boys are so cute! I laughed so hard at the picture of Noah worrying over Lincoln's pumpkin tasting.

Jana said...

Fun day! Thanks for inviting me. Cute pictures of the boys together!

David/Dad/Doc said...

It is so much more fun when you make getting pumpkins an event instead of just something else that you get at the grocery store. We have been going to the same place now for 23 years for our pumpkins. Making traditions when the kids are this young is how just things that you do become traditions.