Thursday, November 12, 2009

October Wrap-Up

Time for the mish-mash of pics & clips that I like which didn't make it into another post in October...starting with this one from a beautiful bouquet of flowers that Mark brought home for me. Pretty, huh? I love Gerber daisies and Sunflowers, so these colored sunflowers kind of captured the both of best worlds!

Noah had been anticipating Toy Story & Toy Story 2 being re-released in theaters (in 3D) for months. So, attending that double feature kicked off our month oh, so appropriately (referencing our Halloween costumes). We had planned on wearing our costumes to the movie, but decided to go for this toned-down version of shirts & wings (this picture is from right after the movies ended).

Everyone that knows Lincoln knows that he's a very active little guy. However, not everyone sees his sweet, sensitive side. He often comes up (unsolicited) to hug me, give me slobbery kisses, and tell me that he loves me...or because he wants to cuddle with me. So, even though this clip is staged...I just had to capture the cute little way that he says "I wuv woo!" (I love you):

A huge thanks to my friend Shauna that mailed this Incredibles costume to Noah to play dress up in! He loves it, and yes - he struck this pose all on his own for the camera.

Just because I want to include the way Lincoln says new words that he's learning during this vocabulary explosion at this age, here's a 9 second clip showing: "cocoa" and "pumpkin"

I'm loving that the boys are starting to play and wrestle more together. I don't remember exactly what the game was during this picture, but I still like the picture.

Since normally when I pull out the camera I tell the boys to say "cheese" - Lincoln does it on his own now. Of course he doesn't understand the difference between a snapshot and a video clip, but I thought it was cute. I like his "aaah" after taking a drink too.

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