Thursday, November 5, 2009

Michael's Buckaroo Birthday

About a month ago my friend's son (Michael) had a Buckaroo-Birthday-Bash (say that 5 times fast) for his fifth birthday! Here is a picture of me with my two little buckaroos before leaving for the party (Lincoln was not happy about being held still to take a picture, but at least we got one shot without him screaming)...
Then again...let's include a more accurate depiction of the moment. Me trying to bounce Linc and talk through my teeth ("Lincoln it's ok, one good picture and I'll put you down...Noah look up, we can't see you under your hat..."), while still smiling for the camera. *sigh* The things we do to document "the moment". I'm pretty sure if you click on this picture to see it larger, you can see all the way down Linc's throat - the kid sure knows how to protest.

We weren't the only one's dressed up for the party though! Nope. There were other kids and adults with cowboy hats and bandannas. Even the dog, Tilly, was reluctantly wearing her wild west gear. It's fun to have a friend that enjoys getting as "in to" kids' birthday parties as I do. I love it!

My favorite part of the party were these hobby horses that my very talented friend Claire just whipped up that day for the party. How cute are they?!

Of course the horses were a huge hit with the kids. Here are a couple shots of Noah taking a ride on his horse. Yeee-haw!

Michael. Drew. Noah.

And Claire's mom was in town from Colorado. She provided delicious grub for the party! Here are Owen & Erin diggin' in to their food on a couple of hay bales.

The birthday boy breakin' open the pinata.

And then it was time for smores!

Noah was really excited to roast his own marshmallows and kept showing it to Ryan (Michael's dad) for approval that it was done.

Alicia with her buckaroos - Ruby & Owen.

Present opening time.

And last, but certainly not least, cake time! How cute is this cake?! Claire always decorates such beautiful cakes, it's always fun to see how they turn out.
Happy 5th birthday, Michael! And thanks for inviting us to your party!


Heather said...

seriously holly, i need to move into your neighborhood. all of your parties+your friend's parties are like super amazing. all the cakes are fabulous... like wedding cakes!! :)

Jana said...

Such a cute party! I love how happy Noah looks at it. Love the cake too. So cute.