Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Halloween Night

Finally the long awaited Halloween night arrived. Time to trick-or-treat! Claire invited a bunch of our friends to meet at her house to go together in our neighborhood (we live across the street from each other). So, the kids played in the backyard together until everyone was there and ready.

Here is Noah (Zurg) with Zoey (Sleeping Beauty).

I had to get one of just Zoey in her princess costume that Claire made. She looked so pretty!


Most of the kids together before leaving to trick-or-treat.

The first door. Lincoln, Noah & Michael were the first three kiddos to the door, but the others were right behind them. Soon the porch was full, and when they answered their door Lincoln made a break for it and ran into the house and down the hall! (He's not exactly shy) It took a bit for Mark to get past all the trick-or-treaters to chase after Linc - I'm glad that we knew who the people were that live there at least!

Just a trick-or-treating clip. I got a kick out of watching Noah try to pick up candy with those gloves on though...and when Lincoln would say "day-doo" (thank you) after getting his candy.

*sorry for the crummy video quality* In this clip: Mark took Linc up to this door and the gentleman held out his treat basket and asked what he wanted. Lincoln paused and pointed at the candy basket (like, "uh...the candy"). The man asked if Linc wanted a Butterfinger to which Lincoln enthusiastically shouted "Yeahh!" (not that he knows what they are, but I think he caught onto that pretty much everything he was getting that night would be yummy).

After catching on to the routine of things, the boys weren't too keen with having Mark hold their hands for a picture...they loved having the freedom to run from house to house with us (the parents) in tow.

After trick-or-treating.

Then it was back to Claire's house for a yummy curry dish and some dessert - thanks, Ann (Claire's mom)!
We had a great Halloween season. And, no, I haven't planned out what we'll dress up for next year yet :)

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k. double-u. said...

I love how cute they look (and how anxious to go get some more candy).

On an unrelated note, I have a question for you, but can't find your email address and I've lost my phone again. Would you mind emailing me? kathymwest at gmail dot com