Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

American Football. I'm just not a fan. I know that is kind of strange considering that I'm doing a Super Bowl post, but growing up we always kind of "celebrated" Super Bowl Sunday. It was more of a social thing though...the extended family all got together at my grandparents' house. We fried shrimp, talked, ran around in the back yard, and enjoyed the game...or the commercials. Anyway, this year my mom made the most delicious chili (as you can see from what there was left when I went to get another helping). It was flavorful, but sweet. Yum!

And, as you can see...Lincoln enjoyed himself!
Here are a few more of the snacks that we indulged in. The jalapeno jelly won for most surprisingly-delicious in my book. Now, I do have to mention that I believe I've given football a fair chance. I've tried to like it, I really have. It just bores me. I know that a lot of the boredom comes from lack of knowledge about the game, but I've decided that I'm ok with that. And I didn't feel too ashamed that when we showed up to watch the game that I had no idea who was playing either. It's not that I hate watching all sports. I love watching basketball, tennis, and soccer (real I'm just not a football fan. That being said, I will admit that even I really enjoyed watching the end of the game! I can only imagine what a nail-biter it must have been for those of you that are really into the sport, or fans of the teams that made it to the Super Bowl!

We also got quite a kick out of the "Monsters vs. Aliens" commercial that was aired in 3D during halftime! Thanks for having the glasses for us, Mom! Noah is still asking when we get to go to the movies to see it. Here is a picture of Mark, Noah, Josh & Emily (Josh's girlfriend) watching the commercial.

And, for those of you that enjoy watching obscenely expensive (and sometimes funny) commercials - here's a link to one website's ranking of the top 10 commercials from this year's Super Bowl:
My favorite is the Coca-Cola one because Noah loved it so much...he did a little dance, kept yelling out the names of all the bugs, and thought it was hilarious that a butterfly landed on the guy's nose. Noah also got a kick out of the Bridgestone commercial, because there's a Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head in Toy Story (it is a pretty funny commercial though). Anyone else out there have a favorite?

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