Wednesday, February 18, 2009


A few weeks ago we visited our local aquarium with my friend Alison and her adorable son Jack. Our husbands are in residency together & we knew each other from school in Iowa too - where we also both happened to go through infertility treatments, and then both began the adoption process. Anyway! We had a great afternoon. The aquarium isn't huge, but it's the perfect size for us...there are sharks, jellyfish, a giant octopus, etc. There's even a shallow pool where you can handle the rays. And, the best part for me is that it's small enough that I can still see one kid as I'm chasing after the other one! Lincoln and Noah loved the freedom to run from exhibit to exhibit on their own...and Lincoln would point a chubby finger to the glass and say "Ish...ish!" and grin with pride when I would repeat back to him, "yes,!"

There is a "coral community" that has small exhibits in the rock down low near the ground, so the littlest kids can get up close & watch the fish swim around. There are also areas that the kids can crawl through little tunnels. The boys all love it. Here's a quick shot (the only one that wasn't blurry) that I got of Jack & Lincoln.

And Lincoln crawling through one of the tunnels.

Apparently I didn't manage to get even one picture of Noah. I guess that's what happens when I let both boys out of the stroller. Noah is a little bit harder to keep up with than Lincoln, and moved a little faster from exhibit to exhibit. He did have a great time though, and particularly liked watching the sharks. Lincoln was pretty fascinated with everything...and everything was an "ish". Here's one last picture of him peering into a fish tank.
Thanks, Alison! We had a great time...and just think, the next time that we go we'll have Carter there with us too!

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