Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Random January-ness

It seems that I'm always more than half way through the month before wrapping up the previous month. Oh well. Here goes the random-ness...I'll start with a picture of Mark (yes, that's him under there). Our recliner is his very favorite place to fall asleep, and he is known to do so quite quickly. One night while we were watching a show I asked him a question. When he didn't respond I looked over to see that he'd pulled his blanket (that I'm quite proud to have made him for Christmas a few years ago) up over his head - lights on and all - and was snoring away. This isn't a unique occurrence, so I decided that it should be documented. He didn't even wake up when I snapped this picture.

Next: My family came over to watch a Jazz game together one night. While my brother Matt was hanging out on the couch with Noah he put his headphones on him. Noah had never experienced headphones before and was quite amused. At first he held his body really still, and his eyes just looked back and forth while he tried to process things. Then he got the hang of what was going on and relaxed and really enjoyed himself. He loves music, so that was a special treat for him. And, while I watched him I had one of those flash into the future moments where I thought I could picture a glimpse of what he may look like as a teenager someday.

I love this little guy so much.

Now, I had to include this picture for a few reasons. First, because I think it's cute (and look at those lashes of his!), but also because it shows this bib. Mark's mom made the comment once that it was like a trough, how we fill it up with his food and he eats right out of it. That cracked us up and the title stuck. It is a bit "trough-like", but he likes it. And for some reason he's less likely to throw food out of it onto the floor than if the food is directly on his tray. So, we love the trough too.

The last four pictures are all from a birthday party. Our good friends the Donnellys have a son that just turned 2. Here we are enjoying his fireman birthday party!

Claire giving Drew, the birthday boy, his birthday cake! Yum! And notice Noah trying to get in on the action while peeking over the top of the cake :)

Drew opening presents with his dad. (This is the firetruck that we gave to him)

And, lastly, I had to throw in one photo of my two cuties just playing. Isn't it always fun to play with someone else's new toys?

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