Friday, February 13, 2009

15 months old today!

Our baby is 15 months old today. I know that I stopped doing the monthly-milestone posts after Lincoln turned a year old, but I wanted to at least do some sort of update every 3 months during his second year...then I'll move on to the good ol' annual spotlight post after that. Our sweet little cuddle bug has turned into so much more of a spunky ball of energy. There are so many ways that I feel like he's growing up so fast, but he still has yet to completely give up his night-time bottle or an occasional binky. I'll admit that sometimes I wonder if it's more of a crutch for him, or for me (wanting to hold on to his baby-ness).

He's our "little monkey" as we like to call him. Not only does he make a funny squeely noise that sounds like a monkey, but he climbs all over everything!...chairs, desks, whatever he can. We're a bit worried that he'll start bailing out of his crib sometime soon too! I love the innocent expression Lincoln has in this picture...right after he climbed up onto this desk of course.

I don't have a height & weight update...but he does have 11 teeth now (and unfortunately he doesn't comprehend yet how much they hurt when he bites somebody). He loves cars, books, animals (and their coordinating "sounds"), and he is starting to use sign language (and a few words) a lot more lately. His favorite new request is asking for "up" (which he pronounces backwards as "pu!"). He'll repeat it over & over until you pick him up and then he'll promptly want to be put down, only to repeat the process of course.

As for food, he's still a great eater and will eat most food that we offer to him. He continues to want a banana ("nana") every morning with breakfast, and he's absolutely crazy about berries (especially blueberries & blackberries). Like lots of kids, he enjoys getting his hands thoroughly filthy and then he rubs them all through his blond hair (which is getting quite thick and full of curls in the back...I looove it). I've decided that it's all a ploy for a guaranteed bath though...he loves baths! Lincoln also has a wide variety of sweet expressions that melt my heart & crack me up - from big cheesers, to little scowls, to the smirky-est smirks...we just love everything about you, Lincoln!


Chris-Chelsey-Audrey said...

Cute pictures!!! You take such good pictures (and it helps that you have such a cute family to take pictures of). We miss you guys.

Camille said...

Great photos! Lincoln is getting so big (like he wasn't already...) and it's so fun to hear about what he's up to!

Jana said...

Lincoln is the cutest 15 month old boy born in November ever. We just love him and are so glad he's here.And of course we love Noah to pieces too. I'm so glad we get to see all of you as often as we do. Cute cute family. Love all of you!