Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Yes, I'm doing a tag...

I've got several posts on the back-burner just waiting to be done...however I'm itching to do a brainless little tag before bed tonight. So - thanks, Megan & here I go:

What were you doing ten years ago?...
1. Getting ready to leave (in 4 weeks) for my mission to Germany.
2. Working at Barnes Bank.
3. Dating Mark & feeling sad that I'm going to be away from him for 18 months. I'm so-o glad it's not 10 years ago, although if I could've known then how things would turn out it would have been much easier. Isn't that always the truth though?
4. Going through the temple for the first time.
5. Trying to figure out how to fit everything that I'd need for a year & a half...into two suitcases.

Things on my to do list...
Which list? :) ha, ha - no, seriously (I love lists).
1. Take out the garbage (garbage day tomorrow)
2. Clip Lincoln & Noah's nails
3. Finish buying & making Christmas gifts - and put out decorations!
4. Catch up on blogging and baby books
5. Mail out Christmas cards

Snacks I enjoy...
1. Popcorn - movie popcorn with butter, freshly carmeled popcorn, pop secret homestyle microwave popcorn, dill (thanks, Shauna!), cheddar...all kinds!
2. Fruit (particularly berries), either fresh or in a smoothie
3. Cheese (almost all kinds)
4. Dark chocolate
5. Nuts - particularly hazelnuts if they're in something (ooh, or pine nuts). Otherwise - almonds, pecans, or pistachios if eating plain

Things I would do if I became a Millionaire...
1. Hire a fantastic financial consultant.
2. Pay off all our debt (bye, bye student loans!)
3. Stop renting and buy a house!...and make sure there's a drinking fountain in the mud-room, since I've always wanted that.
4. Invest.
5. Travel. A lot.

Places that I've lived...
1. Utah (Sandy, Fruit Heights, Provo, Ogden, Salt Lake)
2. Germany (Berlin, Rathenow, Rostock)
3. Taiwan (Feng Yuen)
4. Iowa (West Des Moines)
5. If you count 3 weeks as "living somewhere", then I can add Mississippi to the list (Katrina aftermath)

Jobs that I have had...
1.First job that I got paid for, if you don't count selling kool aid (or selling rocks, for those of you that know that story) was a Babysitter - I created & handed out my own business cards (don't laugh, it worked!)
2. Consumer jobs I've held: I grilled corn in Pioneer Village at Lagoon (in polyester pants during summertime - yuck). I worked at several tanning salons, Musicland, Ben Franklin Craft, and in electronics/photo department @ Fred Meyer.
3. Service industry jobs I've held: Waitress & hostess, reservationist for Marriott's worldwide reservation center, bank teller & customer service representative at credit union.
4. Jobs I couldn't find a catagory for: Picked orchard fruit, colated papers for packets (temp. job, but it paid surprisingly well!), did a tv commercial once as a kid (for a local station), and did marketing research for a potential business, ran copy center at an elementary school.
5. "Jobs" I wasn't/am not paid for: Student, Missionary, Various volunteer positions (within church, the american cancer society, Phi Sigma Iota, Red Cross, LDS family services, English teacher in Taiwan, and Partners in Medicine), and being a Mom. Even though several of the "jobs" in this last catagory proved to be the most challenging, they have also been my very most rewarding jobs...especailly the last one.

I choose to tag...
1. Shauna R. 2. Jenny B. 3.Alison C. 4. Julie V. (yes, you)
5. Chris/Chelsey
anybody else wanna play? feel free to! it's actually kind of fun.

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