Saturday, December 13, 2008

November Wrap-Up

As a substantial storm blows into our area today...and several inches of snow continue to accumulate outside - catching up all blog-posts associated with autumn felt somehow more urgent. So, I'm posting a few pictures (that I'd set aside to include on my blog) that somehow never made it into a post.

First of all a picture of our house. When the beautiful, mature tree in our front yard decides to unload its burden of autumn leaves it seems to do it all at once. I think it's pretty though, so I snapped a picture of it before they all got raked/mowed up. Just thought that I'd share it.

Lincoln and Mark. I just think this picture is sweet.

We managed to fit in a few visits to the Children's Museum during November. One of them was this visit with my good friend (of 19 years) Allison & her adorable son Isaac. Noah & Isaac play really well together and we had a great time. I had to include this short clip of Noah riding the horse there. I still get a kick out of how he says "Right on, cowboy!" (instead of "ride 'em, cowboy!").

Noah & Isaac.

I'm going to have to be sure to bring a change of shirt for Noah as we visit the museum during the winter months. He always ends up sopping wet...and here's why.

Just a random picture of Lincoln that I loved. The little vest that he's wearing was Mark's when he was a baby too!

It's a pretty frequent occurrence to find the boys shirtless at our house. Either because I'm changing their shirts after they got dirty, or because I've removed them to prevent them from getting dirty during eating (or some other activity). If I remember this instance correctly though I just hadn't gotten their shirts on yet. I believe that they were enthralled at this moment with watching the garbage truck collect our garbage. I just thought they looked pretty cute & had to grab a quick photo before the moment passed!

Yes, another shirtless moment for these two. This picture was actually taken the night of Lincoln's first birthday while Mark was reading their bedtime stories. Have I mentioned that I love my boys? I have? Oh, well! I sure do!


Anonymous said...

Cute as ever family! I love those little guys. Your photos are always fun to look at later when things have passed and quieted down. It helps recall fun memories and events. Love you guys!

The Nielsen Family said...

Cool house, I haven't seen a picture before, especially with all the leaves. The SLC Children's museum is so cool. Also, love the pictures with the boys shirtless, aren't garbage trucks the coolest?!?

danielle said...

just thought I would say hi through blogland. this is Danielle Clayton. cute pictures of the kids.